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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Tiya Novlita22/Female/Indonesia Groups :iconugm-community-art: UGM-Community-Art
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Feel free to look at my gallery :iconsmile--plz:
I'm still far from good, but nonetheless I appreciate my artworks because they are part of myself too.

Warning : You may encounter many science/pharmacy related art here. It's because I like them both :heart:

Random Favourites


Key Visual #2
updated: Added characters and....UPSIDE DOWN xD
I think the impact feels stronger now. And we more focused on the girl sitting on the front (Vio) :p

For my visual novel project, ERASER.
Background based on real photo. At first I intended the background to be an interior of lab or something, but it ended up like a normal corridor??? IDK, ahaha but I guess it's not really bad outcome. Also I don't feel like coloring so grayscale is enough for today.
Ah, right, tomorrow is my preparation exam so I'd better stop slacking off ^^;

ERASER is my visual novel project. You can visit the website here for a further information, or you could try it on Google Play FOR FREE.
E....Eee.....Eehhhhhhh?! by SECONDARY-TARGET
A quick fanart for my friend :iconreddlire:, featuring Kaichou/Chairman the black haired guy seme (his real name is unknown) and Radith the boy with green hat uke?
Of course it's a non canon relationship XDDD since both of them are straight (?) actually :iconheplz:

In the middle of experiment inside analytical laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy. Students expected to do some series of test to identify a substance, including organoleptic test (taste, smell, and sight)
Kaichou : "Radith, don't try the lidocaine too much. Your tongue will be numb. If that is the case, what should I do for you?"
Radith : "E....ehhhh.....ehhhhhhhh???"

Note : Lidocaine is local anesthetic and if you try it some, your tongue will be numb for a while.
Stellaren Ending : To the Future by SECONDARY-TARGET
Stellaren Ending : To the Future
Fanart of visual novel entitled Stellaren, you can download it via google play on your Android here :D
Eh again it's not my style to use thin lineart and blurring everything, but I tried to follow the original art as faithfully as possible.
The visual novel is about an adventure and battle on space. I'm really glad M (the main character) ended up with best girl, K :D (MY OTP :heart: ). It has 5 installment and to be honest it kept me entertained :) you should give it a try too.

Stellaren. Copyright by MSRK games.
AT with :iconcharcoalfeather:
Sorry it took me so long to finish .___. but I'm glad somehow I managed to do it :love:


They are character from Basmachi, :iconcharcoalfeather:'s original story, Mitya and Chinghiz, from left to right.

I tried re-produce them on anime style, while I quite satisfied with Mitya, I totally failed with Chinghiz :rofl: I don't know, his personality is too hard to transform on anime style! And you know it's quite a challenge for me to do another style of coloring beside cell shading, but I guess this style fit the best with the theme, plus I want to keep the original reference as faithfully as possible. and because I'm too lazy to make a decent lineart, I decided just overlay color over the rough sketch


:star: Original picture here

this is an alternate/hypothetical ending to their story, the original story is quite depressing actually
Is it really okay? by SECONDARY-TARGET
Is it really okay?
"Sore de ii no ka?" well the title is the rough translation of that sentence.
it can be translated as "is it really fine this way/as it is?" whatever suits the situation best.
kinda represent my mixed feelings right now *cough*
lately I'm feeling higly unmotivated although i still have many things to do. i just draw....this to get my mood back.
sorry for being inactive, will be moved to scraps later.


SECONDARY-TARGET's Profile Picture
Tiya Novlita
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm mad scientist! What I desire is chaos and destruction!


I'm promising hopeless Pharmacy student, year 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5 orz I'm already that old AND ON MY FINAL YEAR, yet I still want to slacking off >.< with strange passion and questionable sanity about drugs especially controlled substances, desperate about her final project and cursed every subject she took. at least I get Immunology for my thesis. AND AT LEAST I HAVE GRADUATED FROM MY BACHELOR STUDY FUAHAHAHAHA

I have PharmB title now :iconexcitedplz: yeah who cares

Mouse-user for 4 years, learn to use pen tablet recently (on 2013)...
Please excuse my horrible and shaky lineart.

Not quite well-dedicated part-time researcher assistant.
Procrastinating part-time illustrator.
Fake game developer (visual novel) with zero knowledge of programming.
Specialist : restless dreamer.
Self-disclaimer : psycho-ass, mad scientist, delusional being, chuunibyou, NEET

I LOVE DOODLING ON CLASS. Take a look here. Fuahahahaha


Pixiv Account

My FB Profile
Feel free to add me! (as long as you note me specifically, I'll accept if I really recognize you)


My FB Community
Like us if you're interested :D
UGM C-A Fun Fun Pharmacy

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Thanks for visiting :heart:

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I got 1 day off so I want to slack off a bit

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(you don't have to do it but I'll be grateful if you don't mind XD)

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Questions you have to answer

1. Are you a student or a worker? What major do you took or what jobs are you doing right now?
I'm a Pharmacy student, year 5 of 5 (OMG I'm on my last year :iconheplz:). I haven't graduated officially to be a legal pharmacist but I have accepted on one of pharmaceutical industry as Analytical Development Supervisor :D I'll be graduated on September, 2015 but I'll start my job on August, 2015 (so technically I'll start up my job earlier XD)

2. Most important things you always carry everywhere and  why?
My phone, maybe XD Because I'm afraid I'll get contacted by someone when I'm outside (especially if there is some important news). Aside from that, I don't really have any, except my wallet which contains my personal information and my driving license :p

3. Do you have a pet?
No, I don't really like animals and take care of them.

4. What are you most afraid of?
Dead with regrets 

5. What are your goals in life?
Pretty simple, but technically it's hard to attain. I don't want to dissappoint my parents, but I want to live on my own way and achieve my own happiness (in reality those two are the opposites :B )

6. Who is your idol or inspiration in life?
Nah, I can't think of anyone specific. Many people inspires me, and this is how I become.

7. What is your most favorites artwork you ever make? (can be illustration, handicraft, etc, as long as it arts)
Until now, maybe this will stay in my #1 fav
T r a n s c e n d s by SECONDARY-TARGET

8. How do you find inspirations or motivations to make art?
It can be from anything, playing game/visual novel, watching anime/movie in general, reading anything, life experience, hell even Pharmacy books :iconexcitedplz:

9. What talents or skills are you most proud of?
Integration----combining my knowledge as Pharmacy student into my art (I always want to publish some kind of scientific/education comic) or into my visual novel :p
I think I'm quite a fast learner too (when I desperate to learn a subject that I need)

10. Things you want to have it but you can't have it?
Too many to list XD. Hey, but life is unfair, so get used to it.


10 Fact About Me

1. 22 years old (technically 23 years on 2015, but my B-Day on November, muahaha)
2. Last year Pharmacy student on internship
3. Short and fat (147 cm, don't ask my weight :p it's over 55kg btw)
4. Despise many subjects on Pharmacy (including Analytical Chemistry, but the most is Organic Chemistry) but ironically I have accepted in a job related to that XD I guess no escaping for now
5. Interested in clinical trial universe and neurology-related research
6. I'm not into girly and cute things, as such my appearance is not feminime at all :p
7. Have no boyfriend IRL (orz....I'm 22 and still....pure? XD But people always expecting me to get married soon T__T)
8. Still unsure about her future 
9. Procrastinating is my worst trait
10. Have too many favorite fiction characters :p (yeah, anime, manga, you name it)


Because I'm too lazy to make a new question
Just answer a question like above :rofl:

Have a nice day all!

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Just Communication
  • Reading: cGMP Indonesian version (CPOB.....)
  • Watching: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995)
  • Playing: Stellaren
  • Eating: Anything edible

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