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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Tiya Novlita22/Female/Indonesia Groups :iconugm-community-art: UGM-Community-Art
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Feel free to look at my gallery :iconsmile--plz:
I'm still far from good, but nonetheless I appreciate my artworks because they are part of myself too.

Warning : You may encounter many science/pharmacy related art here. It's because I like them both :heart:

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Key Visual #1
Key Visual for my upcoming Visual Novel, ERASER
More info :

It seems I won't make it on 2014 because real life issue .__. But I tried my best to finish it on 2015
Also very thanks for 750++ downloads :heart: (including Android and PC version)

Also, I like new DA logo, it seems futuristic, suits my style! :D
Robin Hood
For my community's "Folkore" project, :iconugm-community-art:,

I decided to draw Robin Hood on my style. Since he's so popular I don't think I should have introduced him to you, no? I'm not too satisfied with the result but meh, I still have many things to do.
November is extremely busy month of the year (at least for me), there are so many assignments I need to finish, community projects, organization, my graduation ceremony, and preparation of final exam. I don't think I can handle all into maximum capacity. That's why I'm sorry for all pending AT, guess I have to pending it until next month. And I will likely hiatus for some time on DA too. That's it, it can't be helped.

6-7 hours, SAI

Photo reference from : Flame Sniper - Pose Reference
Will You Marry Me? by SECONDARY-TARGET
Will You Marry Me?
ALL MY YES :iconlaplz:

Seriously, I should be doing my assignment this Saturday night >__> But I have a sudden urge to draw him (my OC, Tito) 5 years on the future and that line "while you marry me?" is the after effect after I wrote "40 targets on my life" (I want to achieved) yes I want to marry and have a family like a normal people, who wouldn't?

Now I'm fangirling like crazy with my own character....oh no...what a pathetic life
Future Scientist by SECONDARY-TARGET
Future Scientist
This is actually my cover manga for certain competition in real life. Finished it a week ago but it still looks good so why don't I upload it here :giggle: Those three are my original character, from left to right : Nicolas, Vio and Tito, respectively. Welp, just think they are thrown into another universe :rofl: (because I made some adjustment based on the story I submitted).

Wish me luck to win :iconruncryplz:
W e l c o m e   t o   M y   R e a l m by SECONDARY-TARGET
W e l c o m e t o M y R e a l m
Just want to update my profpic after so long
And it's only a doodle, so...

I've been busy with college life :faint: hardly have any time to drawing properly, but oh well
Inspired from Kuroha (Outer Science-Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors)


Tiya Novlita
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm mad scientist! What I desire is chaos and destruction!


I'm promising hopeless Pharmacy student, year 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5 orz I'm already that old AND ON MY FINAL YEAR, yet I still want to slacking off >.< with strange passion and questionable sanity about drugs especially controlled substances, desperate about her final project and cursed every subject she took. at least I get Immunology for my thesis. AND AT LEAST I HAVE GRADUATED FROM MY BACHELOR STUDY FUAHAHAHAHA

I have PharmB title now :iconexcitedplz: yeah who cares

Mouse-user for 4 years, learn to use pen tablet recently (on 2013)...
Please excuse my horrible and shaky lineart.

Not quite well-dedicated part-time researcher assistant.
Procrastinating part-time illustrator.
Fake game developer (visual novel) with zero knowledge of programming.
Specialist : restless dreamer.
Self-disclaimer : psycho-ass, mad scientist, delusional being, chuunibyou, NEET

I LOVE DOODLING ON CLASS. Take a look here. Fuahahahaha


Pixiv Account

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Finally, after so long awaited journey (okay I'm exaggerating) I have graduated from my undergraduate study :D (technically, not officially yet) on 30th of June ago after my open seminar :D To be honest, the seminar wasn't going well as I expected (because I get flustered so easily along the way hell yea =.= ) but at least I finally graduated with A :party: Thanks for everyone in real life that support me, and thanks for everyone here that support me too. I know I often said "I'm busy with my thesis" on my comments :p that might be kind of annoying. As a shameless self-advertising, I just feel like to share that moment here :p

Okay, 30 th June is pretty long ago...and now I'm busy preparing for my internship on 10th of July. Wooot wooot. :nuu: I'm going to work on pharmaceutical industry on my hometown. Kinda convenience too because I want to go back home after so long struggling with my thesis and enjoying my remaining time with my family, at least for 2 months. At the same time I feel so nervous but excited too. I'm so clumsy when it comes to practical work and I doubt my knowledge will be sufficient =.= but I don't want to lost this opportunity so I'll change for the better (and damn, I'm 21 already, stop thinking like a kid and grown up already! This is already time for you to get serious, or so I told myself). With that said, again I'm very sorry because most likely I'll be inactive again for 2 months (just like I did last year). I'm so happy with the time I spent here with you all but I guess this is the time I truly have to say goodbye for a while D': And I'll miss Summer anime season too :nuu: I think I'm going to catch up on September.

Lastly, before the internship begin I kinda promise to myself to make something "different", yeah this is short video animation that I made a while ago, it's my first time doing this kind of work (and using the software too =.= ) but I enjoyed every second the time I invested on it so please appreciate me too :D

Skripsi rev 0.1 (Lost Time Memory PV) by SECONDARY-TARGET

Thank you for your understanding, good luck with your life too :D
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